Configuring LCS Redirection

Configuring LCS Redirection


In multiple LanSchool Connection Service scenarios, LCS Redirection allows administrators to set a default student LCS configuration where a MASTER LCS will send students to their correct LCS. The choice of LCS is configured based on the IP address of the student. 

Configuring LCS Redirection

Create an allow.cfg on all LCS(s) (including the Master) in the network, however, even if no allow.cfg is present on an LCS, machines will be allowed to connect.

Create a redirect.cfg ONLY on the MASTER LCS machine. This is the ONLY LCS that will do the redirecting.
  1.  Create a unique "allow.cfg" in the LanSchool Connection Server directory. (C:\Program Files (x86)\LanSchool)
  2. Add lines for each allowed subnet for the LCS like this:

    • These are the subnets allowed to connect to this specific LCS, all other subnets will be redirected back to the Master LCS.
    • The Master LCS is a special LCS. If you want a few subnets to use it then they must be in the allow.cfg on the Master LCS.
    • If you do not want the Master LCS to serve students then you can just use the Master LCS to redirect. So it would have a blank allow.cfg, as in, no one is allowed to use this LCS.
    NOTE: Steps 3 & 4 are on the Master LCS ONLY.
  3. Create a "redirect.cfg" in the Master LanSchool Connection Server directory. (C:\Program Files (x86)\LanSchool)
  4. Add lines for each redirected subnet like this:
  • The redirect.cfg will have each subnet, subnet mask and the IP address of the LCS the subnet gets directed to.

  • If redirection fails, the student is NOT kicked off of the LCS. They can remain on the LCS.
  • If an older student comes in that doesn't know the redirection protocol, if an update is available, the server should update them and then redirect them.

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