Installing LanSchool Student for Windows

Installing LanSchool Student for Windows


The following instructions will assist you with manually installing LanSchool Student on a single Windows student device. For information on installing the teacher client or mass deploying LanSchool throughout your organization, see Setting Up LanSchool for Windows.

Refer to Planning Your Implementation for best practices on configuring channels and class lists.

Installing LanSchool Student for Windows

  1. In My Computer, go to the LanSchool product download location and double-click student.msi in the Windows folder.

  2. Click Next.

  3. Read the license agreement that appears, the click I Accept, then Next.

  4. Type in the Teacher channel number (1 to 16,000) that will manage that Student, or in 1:1 environments enter the Home Channel number determined for that student device. Remember to choose a unique number for each classroom. If you'd like to set any Advanced Options, Check the box “Check to configure advanced options”.  Click Next.

  5. Set any Advanced Options. Click Next.

    Advanced Setting include:  
    1. Stealth Mode- The LanSchool icon will not be visible on the student computer.
    2. Student can Change Channels- Allows students to change the channel they are subscribed to.
    3. No Keyboard Monitoring- Turns off keyboard monitoring of students.
    4. Allow Task Manager / Activity Monitor Limiting- Allows Task Manager / Activity Monitor to be limited on the student comptuers.
    5. No Internet History Logging- Turns off logging Internet history of students.
    6. Enable Network Tampering Controls- Monitors wired and wireless network adapter disconnections (including setting SSID wireless allow list.)
    7. Screen Privacy- Allows students to disable sharing their screens.
    8. Install Chrome Extension- Install Chrome Extension for web history and limiting

  6. If desired, enable WIFI SSID Whitelisting.  When enabled, you will need to enter the desire SSIDs by typing them in the lower box and clicking Add.  When this is enabled, students will be restricted to those SSIDs while they are available to connect to.  Click Next.

  7. If desired, connect the student to a LanSchool Connection Server by selecting "Connect Student to Connection Server" and enter the static IP address in the "Connection Server Address" field.  Click Next.

  8. Select a Security Mode option if desired. Selecting either mode is not required. Checking the box to Enable a security mode allows you to then select one or both security modes. If Password Secure Mode is selected, then both Teacher and Student installs require that password to subscribe to a channel. Click Next.

  9. If desired, select Allow problem reports to be sent to Stoneware to send anonymous and confidential problem reports. Click Next.

  10. Click Install.

  11. Click Finish to complete the installation.

Uninstalling LanSchool Student

To uninstall the LanSchool Student client from a Windows device, you must run the installer (student.msi) a second time. The installer must be for the same version of LanSchool that is currently installed on the device. This will require local administrator permission to install or remove software from the device.

LanSchool installation files are available from the LanSchool Customer PortalIf you do not have access to the original installer for LanSchool Student, contact your IT Admin or reach out to the LanSchool Support Team.


If you are experiencing issues installing the LanSchool Student application, performing a logged installation will help determine where the issue is occurring during installation.
  1. Copy the student.msi to the local hard drive.
  2. Run the Command Prompt as Administrator.
  3. Navigate to the directory where the teacher.msi is copied. 
  4. Run the following command: msiexec.exe /i student.msi /L*V Log.txt
  5. Follow the installation prompts.
  6. At the end of the installation click on the option Show the Windows Installer Log.
  7. Save the log and email it to Lenovo Software Support at

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