Messaging Students

Messaging Students


Send messages to all or selected students. This is often an effective way to get a distracted student back on task. Also, students can ask the teacher a question and the teacher can respond by initiating a chat session with that student. Teachers can also initiate chat sessions with a group of students.

 How a Student Can Ask a Question

  1. On a student computer, left click on the LanSchool icon in the system tray .

    If the student client is installed in Stealth Mode the icon will be hidden from the student's view and they cannot send a chat to the teacher.

  2. Click the pop-up message to Ask the teacher a question.
  3. Type the question that will be sent to the teacher and click the Send.

Students cannot chat with other students.

Responding to a Question With a Chat Session

  1. When a student asks a question, the teacher will see a blue "?" icon on the student's thumbnail. They will also see the Question and Alert pane display at the bottom of the Teacher Console.

  2. Hover the mouse cursor over the icon to read the question.

  3. Right-click on the thumbnail and select Chat... to initiate a chat session with that student.

    1. The chat window will appear on the teacher screen and the teacher can start a chat session with the selected student.

  4. Alternatively, select Clear Student Question... to clear the prompt and mark the question as answered.
A teacher can start a chat session with a student at any time by right clicking on the student thumbnail and selecting Chat. 

Sending a Message

  1. Select one or more student computers. If none are selected, the message will be sent to all computers.
  2. Click the Message button from the toolbar.
  3. Type a message and click Send to display that message to students.
  4. Selecting the Force Student to Read this Message checkbox will make the message pop-up above all other windows.

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