Remote Controlling Student Devices

Remote Controlling Student Devices


Take remote control of one or more student computers. This feature allows you to remotely use the mouse and keyboard on the selected student's computer. With LanSchool Classic, you can even remote control a computer at the login prompt.

Remote Control is currently available only for student devices running Windows or macOS.

Remote Controlling a Single Computer

  1. Select a student computer thumbnail in the Teacher Console.
  2. Click the Control button on the toolbar.
The student's computer will fill the Teacher Console and the teacher will have control of the mouse and keyboard. By default, the student's mouse and keyboard will be locked.

Remote Control Settings

  1. Active Display - Select from multiple monitors.
  2. Image Quality - Ability to select from a performance slider bar for speed vs. image quality.
    1. Turtle mode will provide the highest quality image at a lower performance.
    2. Rabbit mode will provide the lowest quality image but best performance.
  3. Turbo Mode - See up to 800% performance increase with 6-10 frames per second depending on available bandwidth. Turbo mode will be disabled if some of the systems selected are not capable of running at this level of performance based on computational speed.
  4. Auto-minimize this window - Once selected, the Remote Control Settings window will auto-minimize each time remote control is started. To reopen the window, while remote controlling a student device, click on the LanSchool Classic icon in the task bar or dock and select the Remote Control Settings window.
  5. To stop remote controlling the computer, click the Stop button.
If the Remote Control Settings box does not appear, check your taskbar to see if it is minimized behind the LanSchool Classic icon.

In order to send the CTRL+ALT+DEL command to a computer during remote control, click on the Control button's drop-down menu and select the "Send Ctrl-Alt-Del" option.

Remote Controlling Multiple Computers

Selecting multiple computers will allow you to remote control multiple computers at the same time, while viewing a single computer in the group. Controlling multiple computers only works if the machines look exactly the same. 

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