Setting Up Clever Secure Sync

Setting Up Clever Secure Sync


LanSchool Classic supports using Clever as a source for class rosters. With Clever integration, instructors will not need to manually create classes and manually add students to their class rosters. Instructors can still create their own classes manually, but classes synced to Clever from your district's SIS will appear automatically for them.


  1. Clever Secure Sync must already be configured between your Student Information System (SIS) and Clever. To get started, visit
  2. For Windows and macOS student devices, students must have their local device login name populated in Clever's credentials.district_username field (e.g. jsmith).
  3. For Chromebooks, students must have their username portion of their email populated in Clever's credentials.district_username field (e.g. they only need jsmith)

Getting Started

  1. Lenovo Software sends an invitation to your Clever District Admin to initiate the process of sharing your schools’ rosters with LanSchool. Alternatively, Clever users can initiate the process by requesting to connect with LanSchool via the Clever App Library by clicking Request application

  2. Your Clever District Admin will accept the invite and select which data to share with LanSchool by ensuring that the Accept with recommended sharing radio button is selected and clicking Continue. Most districts share data based on which schools will be using LanSchool. If the district initiated the process, please wait for Lenovo Software to approve the request.

  3. Once sharing rules are accepted and the sync is launched, it may take up to two hours for the initial data sync to occur. 

  4. That’s it! Updates to any class rosters made in your Student Information System (SIS) will be synced to Clever based on your Secure Sync schedule. Once in Clever, those updates will be synced to LanSchool on a nightly basis. 

  5. Follow the rest of the guide to make the Clever Rosters available to your teachers in LanSchool. 

Integrating Clever Rosters into the LanSchool Teacher Console


  1. LanSchool Teacher Console or later is installed on the teacher's Windows or Mac device.
  2. Students must have the "district username" field populated in Clever that corresponds with their device login name.


  1. On the Teacher Console, from the Class List menu or toolbar menu select Dynamic Class List...

  2. Select Options... then select Clever Class Lists and click OK.

  3. A browser window opens, prompting you to authenticate to your school’s Clever Portal. If prompted, search for your school. Then, log in to Clever using your district username and password.

    Once authenticated to Clever, the window should close automatically, and your class lists will automatically appear in your LanSchool Teacher Console.

  4. Select the appropriate class. You can choose to have the class automatically dismiss by selecting Automatically dismiss class: 
    1. Dismiss at default end time: Allows you to select a specific end time for your class. This will become the normal end time every time the class is loaded.
    2. Dismiss __ minutes from now Allows you to input a certain number of minutes to have the class dismiss from when it starts.

  5. Next select Start Class. The class is now loaded and you should see your students that are logged into their devices. Any student that is not logged in will appear as ‘Missing Student’.

    TIP: You can hold down the CTRL key to select multiple classes and load them all at the same time. This is helpful when you have multiple sections meeting in the same physical classroom during the same period.
  6. To manually dismiss the class, from the Class List menu or toolbar menu select Dismiss Current Class

  7. (Optional) To load a different class, navigate to Class Lists>>Dynamic Class List...  or select the Class Lists button in the toolbar and select "Dynamic Class List…" . Your list of classes previously imported from Clever will appear.

  8. (Optional) Your class lists will not automatically update from Clever. To refresh your class lists and get the latest rosters from Clever, click the Refresh button to re-authenticate to Clever and update your class lists.

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