Using the LanSchool Report Server

Using the LanSchool Report Server


The LanSchool Report Server can collect browsing history, keyword alerts and application activity history from student devices on your network in a secure and centralized database. For detailed information on installing and configuring the report server, see Installing the LanSchool Report Server.

Accessing the Report Server

The LanSchool Report Server can be accessed by selecting the Reports  button in the Tech Console.

The Reports button will launch the login page in the default web browser.
Enter the default username and password.
  1. Username: administrator
  2. Password: lanschool
The password can be changed in the Users section of the Report Server. Additional users may also be added.

LanSchool Report Server Dashboard

Once logged into the Report Server, the Dashboard displays the following sections:
  1. Top websites- The most visited websites ranked by Visits and Use Time
  2. Top applications- The most used applications ranked by Time Used
  3. New eSafety alerts- Displays entries of Keystroke Alerts of Banned words that the Teacher consoles have received

  4. New computers- Computers discovered by the Report Server
  5. New students- Students discovered by the Report Server

Computers Section

The Computers section displays computers and the following details:
  1. Name
  2. Operating System
  3. Version
  4. Last Inventory
  5. Time Spent Online

Students Section

The Students section displays students who have logged into discovered computers and the following details:
  1. Username
  2. Computer Name
  3. Time Spent Online
Select a student's name to see further details about that student.

Websites Section

The Websites section displays the most visited websites (by Use Time) and the following details:
  1. Computers Visiting Websites
    1. Name, Sites and Visits
  2. Students Visiting Websites
    1. Name, Sites and Visits 

Applications Section

The Applications section displays the most used applications (by Time Used) and the following details:
  1. Executed Software
    1. Name
    2. Time Used
  2. Installed Software
    1. Name
    2. Version
    3. Installed Count

eSafety Section

The eSafety section displays entries of Keystroke Alerts (Banned Words) that Teacher Consoles have received and the following details:
  1. Date and Time
  2. Username
  3. Computer

Users Section

The Users section allows you to change the default administrator account password.
You can also add new user accounts by selecting +New at the top right.

You can select most of the items listed in the Report Server to see more information about that particular item.

For example, from the main Dashboard page
  1. Select a Computer in the New Computers section to see more information
  2. On the Computer details page, select an entry in the Student usage log section
  3. On the Student details page, select an entry in the Website usage log section

Resetting the Admin Password

The following steps will clear all user account information and all student and teacher information that has been collected up until that point. The Inventory information will return as it is synced over again from the students and teachers, however, any website and application usage information that was collected will be lost.
  1. Open the Services Control Panel (services.msc) and stop the following services:

                   Tech Console Address Broadcast

       Tech Console Mongrel 1

       Tech Console Mongrel 2

       Tech Console Mongrel 3

       Tech Console Proxy Server

  2.  Open a command window and change directories to the following folder: [Program Files]\LanSchool Report Server\src\
  3. Run the following command: rake db:drop && rake db:create && rake db:migrate

  4. Restart the services you stopped or reboot the system.

  5. When you open a browser to the address of the Report Server, it will redirect you to the Create a New User page, http://<IP_Address>/users/new

  6. Create the new Admin User account. Once created you can add additional users from the Users section in the Report Server.

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