Viewing Student Screens

Viewing Student Screens


Screen Monitoring mimics the classroom environment, enabling teachers to provide assistance and encouragement to keep students on task.

Opening the LanSchool Teacher Console

On a Windows teacher computer, you will see a small LanSchool icon  in the System Tray. On a Mac, the LanSchool menu can be accessed via the Dock icon.

The System Tray is located in the bottom right corner of your computer screen.   

Right clicking on the icon will open a menu. You can use this menu to control the key features of LanSchool.

More advanced features are available when opening the LanSchool Teacher Console. All of the features are either buttons on the toolbar or options grouped under one of seven menu items: Class Lists, Demonstrate, Monitor, Speak, Restrict, Administer, and View.

Viewing Student Devices

Click the "View All" button in the toolbar to switch between Thumbnail View and Details View.

Thumbnail View displays the screen(s) of the connected student devices. 

Details View shows a list of connected student devices along with pertinent information such as the student's login name, machine name, current application, last website visited, and LanSchool version number. 

Details View will be automatically displayed if there are more than 40 students in the class and Thumbnail View will be disabled.

While in Thumbnail View, select the arrow on the right side of the View All button in the toolbar to see a menu of additional options. These include:
  1. Details (Details View)
  2. Screen Feed - You will see a fullscreen thumbnail of a student screen every few seconds.
  3. Thumbnail Size: Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large, Best Fit.
  4. Chromebook: Active Tab View, Desktop View - Toggle between seeing the student's active browser tab or the entire Chromebook desktop.
  5. Classroom Layout - Allows you to move student thumbnails anywhere in the console via drag and drop.

Tips and Tricks

  1. When selecting computer thumbnails, you can press CTRL+A to select all computers or hold down the CTRL key and click with your mouse to select a group of computers. On the Mac use COMMAND+A to select all computers.
  1. Right-click on a single student computer to access a context menu with a list of features and information specific to the individual device.

  2. When using the toolbar buttons like the Blank Screen feature, a single click enables that feature, and another click will disable that feature.

It is possible to have multiple Teacher Consoles monitor the same classroom. However, only the first Teacher’s action on a computer will take effect and only that Teacher Console can stop the action. For example, if a teacher blanks the student’s screens, another teacher cannot un-blank the student’s screens.

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