Clever Secure Sync Integration FAQ

Clever Secure Sync Integration FAQ


This article contains information pertaining to Clever Integration with LanSchool Classic. For information on connecting Clever to LanSchool Air, see Setting Up Clever Secure Sync with LanSchool Air.

How do I setup Clever Integration in LanSchool Classic?

Refer to Setting Up Clever Secure Sync for detailed instructions on configuring the roster integration between Clever and LanSchool Classic. Enabling this integration will allow teachers using the LanSchool Teacher Console to load dynamic class lists imported from Clever.

How often do teachers need to log into Clever?

After a teacher successfully pulls down their class lists from Clever, LanSchool stores them in the App Data folder (%LocalAppData%\LanSchool\Clever) on that user's machine. The downloaded class rosters will persist there and the teacher doesn't have to re-authenticate to Clever unless the class list has changed. Updates to any class rosters made in your Student Information System (SIS) will be synced to Clever based on your Secure Sync schedule.

Teachers will need to click the "Refresh" button in LanSchool class lists dialog to re-authenticate to Clever to download updated class rosters.

Why isn’t my new student showing in my class list?

Your class lists will not automatically update from Clever. To refresh your class lists and get the latest rosters from Clever, click the Refresh button to re-authenticate to Clever and update your class lists.

Can teachers see a student's full name in LanSchool?

Yes. In the LanSchool Teacher Console, navigate to Administer > Preferences > Student and select " Show Student Name when available". If the student is logged in to a device and their first and last name is attributed to their local user account, the full name should appear in the LanSchool Teacher Console.

Why are some thumbnails showing as "missing student" even though that student is in my class and online?

First, ensure that LanSchool is configured correctly to work on your network and that teachers can see students without using a Clever Class List. If you're using a Class List by Login Name, confirm that students have the "credentials.districtUsername" field populated in Clever that corresponds to the username they login to their devices with. See Troubleshooting "Missing Student" Thumbnails for more information.

Clever is displaying classes from a previous term/semester. Can we limit term/semester?

LanSchool will display all of the classes (sections) that have been shared from Clever. To limit which terms or semesters are shared with LanSchool, ask your Clever District Admin to modify the Sharing Rules from within the Clever Dashboard. More information on this is available here: .

Can substitute teachers use Clever Class Lists?

The substitute teacher will need a Clever Portal login and be listed in Clever as a teacher of those class sections in order for LanSchool to find them. Alternatively, the original teacher could save their class lists ahead of time and share them with the substitute. To do this, load the class list and navigate to Administer > One to One > Save Current Class List.

Can Clever Class Lists be set as the default option for teachers?

Yes. The default option for dynamic class lists can be configured on Windows by adding the following registry key to teacher's devices:
Key: HKLM\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\LanSchool\DynamicClassListInterface
Value: DWORD = 3

Why isn’t my class list pulling in students that are “BYOD”?

​Clever class lists will pull students in based on their device’s local login name. If their local device login name doesn’t match what the class list has (which is common in the case of BYOD), the student will not be pulled into the teacher’s LanSchool class. Teachers will need to create a manual class list and add this student’s BYOD device manually. For more information see our KB article on implementing class lists.

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