Installing LanSchool Teacher for Windows

Installing LanSchool Teacher for Windows


The following instructions will assist you with manually installing LanSchool Classic Teacher Console on a single Windows device. For information on installing the student client or mass deploying LanSchool throughout your organization, see Setting Up LanSchool for Windows.

Refer to Planning Your Implementation for best practices on configuring channels and class lists.

Installing LanSchool Classic Teacher Console

  1.  Locate the LanSchool Teacher installer in the downloaded LanSchool Classic zip folder>>Windows and double-click teacher.msi.

  2. Click Next.

  3. Read the license agreement that appears, then click I Accept, then Next.

  4. Type in the Teacher channel number (1 to 16,000) Remember to choose a unique number for each classroom. If desired, set any Advanced Options by checking the box Check to configure advanced options, then click Next.

    The settings selected on this Teacher installation are also the settings that apply when remotely updating Student computers after the initial install from this Teacher.

    Advanced Settings include:
    1. Stealth Mode- The LanSchool icon will not be visible on the student computer.
    2. Student can Change Channels- Allows students to change the channel they are subscribed to.
    3. No Keyboard Monitoring- Turns off keyboard monitoring of students.
    4. Allow Task Manager / Activity Monitor Limiting- Allows Task Manager / Activity Monitor to be limited on the student comptuers.
    5. No Internet History Logging- Turns off logging Internet history of students.
    6. Enable Network Tampering Controls- Monitors wired and wireless network adapter disconnections (including setting SSID wireless allow list.)
    7. Screen Privacy- Allows students to disable sharing their screens.
    8. Install Chrome Extension- Install Chrome Extension for web history and limiting.

  5. Choose which browser extensions to install. The browser extensions allows the teacher to limit the web and record web history.

  6. If desired, enable WIFI SSID Whitelisting.  When enabled, you will need to enter the desire SSIDs by typing them in the lower box and clicking Add.  When this is enabled, students will be restricted to those SSIDs while they are available to connect to.  Click Next.

  7. If desired, connect the teacher to a LanSchool Connection Server by selecting Connect Teacher to Connection Server and then enter the static IP address in the Connection Server Address field. Click Next.

  8. Select a Security Mode option if desired. Selecting either mode is not required. Checking the box to Enable a security mode allows you to then select one or both security modes. If Password Secure Mode is selected, then both Teacher and Student installs require that password to subscribe to a channel. If Active Directory Secure Mode is selected, then the teacher must belong to an Active Directory group called LanSchool Teachers that must be created by your IT staff. Click Next.

  9. If desired, select Allow problem reports to be sent to Stoneware to send anonymous and confidential problem reports. Click Next.

  10. Click Install.

  11. Click Finish to complete the installation. 

  12. Enter your unique license key. The license key can be found in your LanSchool Classic Portal.

  13. If a LanSchool Teacher console was previously installed on that device, then a reboot will be required in order to update the existing files.
By default, Teachers are installed without the ability to change their channel. If you wish to allow teachers to have the ability to change the channel, view multiple channels or change the student channel please see Using Enable Channel Select Utility for more information.

Uninstalling LanSchool Teacher

Uninstalling LanSchool Teacher on 9.3

LanSchool Classic's 9.3 version allows the LanSchool Classic Teacher client to be uninstalled using the Apps & Features menu.
  1. On Windows 10, select the Start menu and open Settings
  2. Select Apps.
  3. Search for LanSchool Student in the list
  4. Select LanSchool Teacher and click Uninstall.
  5. You will be prompted for Administrator permission to perform the uninstall.
  6. The LanSchool Classic Teacher icon will no longer appear in the system tray.

Uninstalling LanSchool Teacher on 9.2 and below

LanSchool Classic's 9.2 version and below requires the installer (teacher.msi) to be ran a second time. The installer must be for the same version of LanSchool that is currently installed on the device. This will require local administrator permission to install or remove software from the device.

If you have issues uninstalling LanSchool Teacher on Windows, place the installer on the Desktop of the student computer and run the file from the Desktop. When prompted to browse, browse to the location on the Desktop and then you will be able to uninstall.

Please see Downloading LanSchool Classic Installers for information on how to access and download the installers from the LanSchool Classic PortalIf you do not have access to the original installer for LanSchool Teacher, contact your IT Admin or reach out to the LanSchool Support Team.

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