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        • Limiting Website Use

          Overview To block troublesome or distracting websites or limit students to a select few websites pertinent to the class, use the Limit Web feature in LanSchool Classic. The teacher can choose to restrict all web activity, allow only certain websites, ...
        • LanSchool Classic Teacher Guide

          LanSchool Classic Teacher Console The LanSchool Teacher Console is the interface teachers will use to manage their classroom and students. It contains all the tools necessary for a teacher to effectively interact with students and create a ...
        • Installing LanSchool Teacher for Windows

          Overview The following instructions will assist you with manually installing LanSchool Classic Teacher Console on a single Windows device. For information on installing the student client or mass deploying LanSchool throughout your organization, see ...
        • Latest Release Notes

          LanSchool Classic Release Notes Customers with an active LanSchool subscription will have access to download the latest version from the LanSchool Classic Portal. For instructions, see Downloading LanSchool Installers. LanSchool Classic ...
        • Blanking Student Screens

          Overview Blank student screens on your channel and disable student keyboards and mice. This feature is useful when you want to lecture without the distraction of students playing with their computers, or you need to quickly gather their attention. ...
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        • Using Student Diagnostics Utility

          Overview The LanSchool Classic download comes with a utility called StudentDiagnostics.exe. This utility can be used to test communication between the teacher and student in a peer to peer model of LanSchool Classic or to test the connection to the ...
        • Deploying LanSchool Classic 9.3 Using a Master Image

          Overview When deploying LanSchool Classic using a Master Image, you should not license LanSchool Classic on the device when creating the Master Image. Instead, you should leave the Master Image unlicensed and use the following steps to automate the ...
        • Using Assessment Mode

          Overview Assessment Mode allows an Administrator or Teacher to put student devices into a secure, locked mode in order to take a test or exam. When applied, the students devices enter Assessment Mode. During this mode the Teacher can't interact with ...
        • Downloading LanSchool Classic Installers

          Overview LanSchool Classic Downloads are accessed in LanSchool Air. Classic customers will see all their information, expiration and licensing keys in LanSchool Air. Admins who use both LanSchool Classic and LanSchool Air only need to manage one ...
        • Configuring LCS Redirection

          Overview In multiple LanSchool Connection Service scenarios, LCS Redirection allows administrators to set a default student LCS configuration where a MASTER LCS will send students to their correct LCS. The choice of LCS is configured based on the IP ...

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