LanSchool Classic General FAQ

LanSchool Classic General FAQ

What is LanSchool Classic?

In 2018, LanSchool released a cloud-based version called LanSchool Air. Both versions are included for the same price so organizations can easily choose the version that works best for their environment.

How is LanSchool licensed?

LanSchool offers a simple pricing model based on the number of student devices you plan to use it with. New licenses include access to both LanSchool Classic and LanSchool Air. For more information on how to purchase licenses, or for contact information for our sales team, please visit the LanSchool purchasing page.

Who do I contact for purchasing or payment-related questions?

For existing licensing, purchasing, or payment related questions, contact us at 833-247-2527 or fill out this contact form.

Where can I find training and other helpful resources for admins and instructors?

Please visit our Customer Resource Center for links to LanSchool Classic guides, videos, and training resources. If you're already a customer, reach out to our Customer Success team anytime!

Is there a Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT) available for LanSchool Classic?

Yes. Please visit Lenovo's Accessibility Conformance website and navigate to the software tab for the latest VPAT for LanSchool Classic.

When I complete my trial and purchase licenses, will I need to reconfigure or redeploy LanSchool Classic?

In most cases, yes. The version of LanSchool offered with a trial lasts for 30 days and is restricted to a single "demo" channel. After licenses are purchased, you will be granted access to the LanSchool Customer Portal, where you can download the fully licensed version of the installer. Both teacher and student devices must be upgraded to the fully licensed version.

Can LanSchool Classic be installed on a device that already has LanSchool Air installed?

Yes. LanSchool Air, our cloud version, and LanSchool Classic, our locally hosted version, can run simultaneously on the same student devices, including Chromebooks, Windows devices, and Mac devices. If a teacher is actively viewing the same device from both LanSchool Air and LanSchool Classic, conflicting behavior when using features like Web Limiting and Blank Screen may occur.

Does LanSchool Classic require an onsite server?

In most cases, yes. LanSchool Classic recommends setting up an onsite server to run the LanSchool Connection Service (LCS), which will help manage communication between teacher and student devices on the network. This limits the use of broadcast communication on the network and allows students and teachers to be on different subnets or VLANs.

LanSchool Classic can be used in “peer-to-peer" mode without requiring a server, but all student and teacher devices must be on the same network.

Does LanSchool Classic work in BYOD environments?

Yes. Students who use Chromebooks must log in to the Chromebook with their school-issued Google account in order to receive the LanSchool student app and extension as configured within Google Admin.

For students using Windows or macOS devices, the LanSchool Classic student client must be installed on their devices with local administrator permissions. It is recommended to either allow students to select their own channel, or create manual class lists to identify which student personal devices the teacher wants to manage. Students and teachers must both have local network access to the LanSchool Connection Service (LCS).

Can student devices be monitored while the devices are at home? 

Both students and teachers require local network connectivity to the LanSchool Connection Service (LCS) hosted on the organization's network. In some cases, students can continue to be monitored remotely if they are using a VPN client to connect to the school's local network.

LanSchool recommends using LanSchool Air, our cloud-based version, to guide learning while students are remote. Visit our website for more distance learning resources.

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