Troubleshooting Student Thumbnail Status

Troubleshooting Student Thumbnail Status


LanSchool Classic the teacher will see thumbnail size images of each student's screen. The teacher may see the student actively working on their device or they may appear in an offline state. The thumbnail may also display certain icons showing what features are currently enabled for that student.

Student Screen States

Refer to the following table to learn more about the different states a student device can be in.


The student's device is communicating with the Teacher Console.

When viewing large or medium thumbnails, Student's Name and Computer Name display below the thumbnail.

When using Class Lists, this means that the Teacher Console never received any communication from the student device after loading the class list. For more information please see, Troubleshooting Missing Student Thumbnails.

The student device was communicating but is no longer responding to UDP or TCP messages on the network.

Possible Causes:
  1. Communication between teacher and student was suddenly interrupted (with or without LCS)
  2. The student device was shutdown suddenly
  3. The Teacher Console is overloaded and cannot process incoming responses fast enough
  4. Firewalls on the network
If your student device(s) are actively on and you still cannot see them, then this may be related to network issues. For more information please see Troubleshooting Missing Student Thumbnails.

The student device was put into sleep mode through the client device's normal sleep options and the LanSchool Student process notified the LanSchool Connection Server or Teacher Console before it was put to sleep.

When using a LCS, the student(s) will appear as "sleeping" on the LCS status page. To release the "sleeping students" from the LCS and Teacher Console more quickly please see Troubleshooting "Sleeping" Students.

The student's computer is communicating with the Teacher Console but there was a mismatch when setting up Secure Mode during the installation. For more information, please see Troubleshooting "Security Locked Out" Message.

For all devices, the student device is communicating with the Teacher Console however, the Teacher Console is not able to process the communication fast enough or the communication is very slow. This may be related to network issues, please see Troubleshooting Missing Student Thumbnails.

For Chromebooks, the "Updating" thumbnail could mean that the LanSchool Web Helper extension was not Forced Installed in the Google Admin Console. For more information please see, Mass Deploying LanSchool Student for Chromebooks.

The student Chromebook is connected to the teacher console but the student is not sharing the screen. This state only occurs when Desktop View mode is in use. For more information on student modes, please see Selecting Chromebook View Modes (Active Tab View vs. Desktop View)

The student's Chromebook is online, but the student has not opened a browser. This will only appear for students using Chromebooks that are set to Active Tab View. To view their screen any way, switch the student to Desktop View.

When using class lists, if a teacher has a class loaded and another teacher with the same student(s) loads their class, the student thumbnail(s) will display that teacher's name and channel number the student(s) were moved to. 

When using class lists, teachers can remove selected students from the class by going to Administer>>Remove Selected Students From Class. 

This can be used if a student needs to leave the class for another class.

When Blank Screen is applied, the thumbnail will display 'Blank Screen'. For more information on Blank Screen, please see Blanking Student Screens.

When the student device's battery is at less than 50% or 20% critical, the battery status icon will appear on the student thumbnail in the bottom right corner

When Limit Web is applied to the connected students, the limit web icon will appear in the bottom left corner. For more information on Limit Web, please see Limiting Website Use.

When the Limit Apps is applied to the connected students, the limit Apps icon will appear in the bottom left corner. For more information on Limit Apps, please see Limiting Application Use.

Limit Apps only works for Windows and Mac devices.

When the Limit Print is applied to the connected students, the limit print icon will appear in the bottom left corner. 

Limit Print only works for Windows and Mac devices.

When the Limit Drives is applied to the connected students, the limit drive icon will appear in the bottom left corner. 

Limit Drives only works for Windows and Mac devices.

When student devices are Muted, the Mute icon will appear in the bottom right corner. For more information on Muting, please see Muting Student Audio.

Mute only works for Windows and Mac devices.

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